About Darryl’s Best Buys Auto Sales

Serving Our Community for 20 years!

We have all heard stories of young men following in their father’s footsteps and Darryl’ Best Buys is one of those legacy family stories that our local community is so richly filled with! From pioneering days, to First Nation History, Darryl's story is filled with the rich, vibrant fabric that makes up the tapestry of the local community and its commerce. Darryl's parents and grandparents grew up in Surrey and worked hard to contribute to its growth and family focused values.

In 1968, the first pages of this generational chapter started to take their entrepreneurial form. It was natural and fun for Darryl to evolve from the car enthusiast he was as a teen, to the entrepreneur following in his father’s footsteps when he took over Darryl's Best Buys in their hometown of Surrey, BC. Darryl's brother, Lynol, also began unique passion for cars - regardless of the make or model. Both of these men, and their fathers before them, LOVED their cars!


Darryl's family history goes back to the original First Nations of the Surrey area. His Great-grandmother, Sophie Clark (nee Brown), was Kwantlen First Nation's whose family lived in the area since time immemorial (this is who Kwantlen University and Park are named after). His Great-grandfather, Mr. Fred Clark, was known as the 1st pioneer of Surrey. The two of them lived and owned the property just footsteps away from the Darryl's Best Buy. This property remained in the family until recently. Grampa Fred Clark remembered and told stories of the richness and pristine beauty of Surrey. The abundance of animals, lumber, fish from the river, a mild climate and that they had all they needed to live a good life in Surrey.

Darryl, or Darryl's Best Buys, has a unique connection to the local community, land, and history of Surrey, BC. Darryl's Father and Uncle had been in the car business since 1968 until recent years where they retired and Darryl took on the family legacy. Darryl's Best Buys sits at the launch of the hill on King George Highway just as you come off the old Patullo Bridge. Over the years they owned two car lots: "Golden Mile Motor" and "United Auto Brokers". These lots were originally located in Whalley and eventually moving down the hill to Darryl's Best Buy's current location.

Darryl, like his Dad and Uncle, is committed to serving the local community as well as customers from all of BC.  As a family, Darryl, his Dad, and Uncle, watched Surrey transform from a small municipality to the thriving City it is now. Seeing the growth in Surrey has been exciting both as local hometown men and as citizens of the community.

Darryl's Dad and uncle donated cars to auction off for fundraising for the local Lion's club, which is an organization that has always been close to their hearts. Darryl continues that giving back with sports and local events including those, that his now teenage daughters, are so active in. Darryl's brother worked for their Dad and uncle for many years and remains in the Car business as well, although he is now in the larger provincial city of Vancouver, BC.